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About Vanessa

Vanessa is a best selling author, Founder and CEO of Feed Your Spirit, Inc., and the creator of Feed Your Power: A Mind-Body Transformation Program for Change-Makers.

Vanessa supports men and women across the country, who are looking to live their healthiest lives and get the results they want in a sustainable way.

Vanessa is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and studied Fitness Nutrition with the American Council on Exercise. She earned a degree in Human Development & Behavior Change from the University of California, San Diego, and is a previous Division I college athlete.

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Eating Psychology

We know that diets don’t work. That’s why we are here. Ready to do the real work for lasting change.

Through the lens of Eating Psychology, we see all of our eating challenges as a doorway to growth and transformation. It honors the unique, fascinating and ever-changing experience of food and the body that each one of us has. It unveils, if you know the best choices to make, why are you not making them?

For way too long, we have been inundated with negative messages about food, weight, and diet. We have been told that we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control.

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In the beginning, I thought this would be a journey of weight loss. Although I have lost 30 lbs to date, effortlessly I might add, it in fact was so much more! You have given me the tools and resources to live the life and be the person I was always meant to be. WOW! My life is forever better. I will continue to grow and flourish. I will be the living example of the change I wish to see in this world.

Michele S

Thanks to the Feed Your Power program, I am learning self-love.

Lisa C

This was the first time I didn’t gain weight on vacation. My body is starting to trust me.

Chelsea G

The weight just fell off, even though losing the weight was no longer the most important thing. I’m awake to my joy, all of my senses and my ability to put myself first.

Michele S

Three different people today have told me how great I look and that I’ve lost weight. It’s great to hear since I haven’t had anybody compliment me in quite a long time. My sessions with Vanessa are working!

Dawn T

“Nothing comes before my clients,” Vanessa stated with the comforting yet firm voice of hers. “They’re my priority number one—and it will always stay that way.”

Silvia L

The hunger is gone! Vanessa is the real deal.

Ashley K

Vanessa’s beliefs and practices allowed me to still enjoy the types of foods I loved while living a healthier lifestyle. She helped me take small steps and make changes which made the overall process seem pretty easy! I learned a lot from her about what foods specifically were good for my body and when I should eat them!


Vanessa has been amazing with all the help she has provided me. She is all about natural , organic and healthy foods and natural ways of healing . She has given me suggestions to help with my chronic pain, suggested vitamins for low energy and has given me many delicious and amazing food recipes. She truly shows you that delicious healthy eating exists!

Erika B.

Whether you’re looking for health and wellness inspired knowledge, motivation, insights or an awesome meal plan to help you meet your goals, Vanessa has your back and is the coach you want in your corner.


I am stepping out of my fears and into my goals. I feel awake, empowered, happy, hopeful and fully in charge of myself and my life.

Michele S

Vanessa has a gift.

Cindy B

I had no idea that my issues with my mom were affecting my eating habits.

Lisa C

Vanessa and her FEED YOUR POWER program has provided me with the knowledge and insight I’ve been seeking most of my life! I am now empowered to ensure my present and future health, wellness and happiness. Do this for you, it is likely one of the most important decisions of your life. Choose you, YOU DESERVE THIS AND MORE.

Michele Shipley, Ile des Chênes, Canada

I can see my abs now! I have no desire for a burger, I grow kale in my garden and I have a plant-based kitchen in my home. I cooked a plant-based dinner on Christmas for 14 people and everyone loved it! My partner and I love to enjoy vegan shakes in the morning. He’s really into it now, too.

Lisa, Feed Your Power Graduate

This lifestyle is natural for me now. What’s a better investment, buying another sweater or taking care of myself? Consistency is what matters to me now. I could never go back!

Lisa, Feed Your Power Graduate

At my last doctor he told me I have exceeded all their expectations and reached MMI, Maximum Medical Improvements.The calls with Vanessa kept me accountable.

Feed Your Power Graduate

I was in a deep, dark place of fear when we first started working together. I had a serious health condition diagnosis, I was crying a lot, I felt powerless. Vanessa helped me get out of that with baby steps that became bigger steps. Now I feel empowered!

L.L., Feed Your Power Graduate

I’m doing better with boundaries — especially with my sister.

Feed Your Power Graduate

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