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Well Being & Fit Body Program Members

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How the process works


Tailored Expert Advice


Educate & Empower


Support & Accountability


Guaranteed Transformation

Natural Weight Loss

Eating for hormone and blood sugar balance, Reduced inflammation and understand food sensitivities, Natural eating and natural healing methods

Conscious Coaching

Emotional vs. mindful eating and Eating Psychology, Conscious behavior change, Decoding the body's symptoms and signals

Beautiful Benefits

Releasing the extra weight, naturally, Self-love and self-care, Beautifully balanced and naturally healthy body and mind

Fitness Coaching

New levels of strength, endurance and energy with less pain and more confidence.

Wellness Goals

This is the anti-diet. We are creating a customized plan and solution for you, your life, and your dream outcome.

Holistic Health

Everything we are doing, everything we are working toward is connected. This is where your new healthy lifestyle begins. Let’s walk this path together.

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Weekly Wisdom. Start here.

Weekly note of empowerment and encouragement. Opt out any time.

Vanessa Is The Resident Expert In Plant-based Nutrition And Weekly Featured Wellness Blogger For Planted Table.

Local, organic plant-based meals prepared by Chef Lauren Delivering to all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Photos, recipes and more