Feed Your Spirit via Vanessa Rogers | I was out of Control
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I was out of Control

I was out of Control

I used to be out of control when it came to food. It showed in my weight, especially in my face, and I felt uncomfortable. So much for going to college by the beach! These days I can say that I have come to a place where I understand my body and what it needs to be healthy and strong. That doesn’t mean that I only eat salads or that I don’t eat cake, it just means that I make the most of my decisions from a balanced, confident and informed place (not because I’m starving or dieting or addicted to certain foods). This was a very gradual process for me. I didn’t come from a family who knew a lot about healthy eating or living. Over the years I realized I didn’t want to feel bad anymore. I was tired of being so tired and hungry!

Currently, I am focused on the self care side of health, and digestion. I have taken a deeper dive into studying the way our micro-biomes (we have many!) are influencing our brains and our moods and our overall well being. I am committed to helping my clients take full control of their health, while enjoying yummy food, and understanding the many ways they can do that and actually enjoy it.

I have also been looking into the triggers and resets of emotional eating. After years of exploring the pains of my relationship with my mother and her alcohol addiction, I understand that it was often the comfort I did not receive from her, I found in food.

When I am feeling disconnected, what I need is to retreat. I have to break free of my routine. This could mean a beautiful hike, or a weekend in the mountains, or even a month long trip exploring Kenya, as I did in September. Seeing what else is possible, I can break free from my rut. Once I return from a new or different place, I’m able to see my life and my surroundings with new eyes.

As humans, we are biologically programmed to move away from fear and uncertainty. All the little “what-if’s” pop up and it’s easy to shut down. It can be a scary thing. I think the best thing we can do is just bear witness to those pesky little what-if’s. Hear them. Observe them. Then when you’re ready, feeling calm, and focused, start to dissect them a little bit. You can start by asking, “what is it I’m really afraid of?”

In order to level up and grow we have to let go of the fear of what could go wrong. I’m not saying a new journey would be easy! It won’t be easy actually, and that’s why it adds so much value. I’m not saying fear won’t rear it’s ugly head every-single-time, because it will. I’m saying just hear it, give it a nod, and continue on your way in your pursuit of greatness.

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