Eating, Energy & Travel Tips for the Holidays

3 ways to have a healthier relationship with food this holiday season and beyond.

During this time of year, people like to keep me (an Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach) in close range and I understand why! Here are some of my top tips for the holiday season.

1. DO NOT SKIP A MEAL. Your body and your blood sugar want stability. Set yourself up for success by setting and keeping to a daily meal schedule (put it in the calendar). This way you’ll be likely to keep your hunger and energy in check and less likely to go off the rails.

2. USE THE HUNGER SCALE. Stay in touch with your hunger levels. Notice when you start thinking about food and put a number to your hunger, 1-10. Are you actually hungry or does something just look yummy?  Use this scale while eating to check in on your fullness as well. Start eating before you’re at a 5 and stop eating when you are at an 8 out of 10. You should feel satisfied with a bit of room left. Paying attention helps!

3. USE YOUR NEGOTIATIONS — WITH YOURSELF. When you see a table of goodies, or the chocolate or pie or wine, (first notice how blessed we are with abundance, then) get your *internal* negotiations going. They might sound like: “Do I need an actual meal? Do I want to try one or two special treats and savor every bite? Ok, I’ll have lunch, then I’ll have a treat, slowly, if I’m still hungry.” Be mindful about what you choose.

BONUS: BE A FOOD SNOB. If you are not in love with a food item and it’s not the very best version of that type of food, it’s not worth it. Maybe the food is cold now, maybe it doesn’t taste as good as you thought it would. If so, no, thank you.

You got this!

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