The 3 Keys for Consistency in the New Year

People love setting new year resolutions, which are often around health and fitness. I love the enthusiasm! We know that our language is powerful, so instead of resolving that you have to “change,” maybe you have chosen to set a New Year intention or two for 2020. Fantastic, go you! I have seen the direct [...]

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Get to Know Vanessa Rogers with SD Voyager

SD Voyager Interviews Vanessa Rogers of Feed Your Spirit, Inc. Today we’d like to introduce you to Vanessa Rogers. Vanessa, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. As a California native, I’ve had an active and outdoorsy lifestyle. I played competitive [...]

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How I Start My New Year, Every Year

The Best New Year Goal Setting & Reflecting Exercise The time has come for a special ritual. We are entering a new decade! Here’s a powerful New Year's exercise that I dive into annually. It’s nice to look back on a year remember some important moments that may have otherwise been lost in the shuffle. [...]

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Healthy Travel Part II: Interview with Kelly Beaudin

Hello loves! As you know from Part I, I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Boston and Spain and I am back feeling GOOD because I kept my healthy habits in tact. (Oh-kuurrrr!) Also, you may recall my uber-healthy bestie, Kelly, was on the trip (and planned the trip!) and I noticed she has [...]

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Easy Vegan Galette Recipe

This galette is rustic, beautiful and deliciously simple -- not to mention a real show stopper! (No one will ever know its vegan!) It is my great healthy holiday go-to. Try it out! Ingredients: 2 cups of unbleached flour 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 4-5 organic green apples (or your apple of choice), sliced [...]

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Eating Tips for Healthy Holidays 

Eating, Energy & Travel Tips for the Holidays 3 ways to have a healthier relationship with food this holiday season and beyond. During this time of year, people like to keep me (an Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach) in close range and I understand why! Here are some of my top tips for the holiday season. [...]

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Is Squash Healthy?

Happy Fall, Plant-eaters! Here are some essential fall foods that I can’t get enough of. There is a gorgeous seasonal transition happening all around us. Things are (somewhat) cooling down and we start to welcome hearty, warm foods. It’s my favorite! Sometimes Fall gives us that helpful little nudge that it is time to slow [...]

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Oahu – Healthy Hawaii Travel Recommendations

Oh Hawaii, you exude magic and surreal fantasy. You embody natural abundance, and being around you captivates me; reminds me that there is also magic running through my veins. Are you ready to fully experience this land of wonder?     I have traveled to almost every continent (Antartica, I'm coming for you!) and considering [...]

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The Ultimate Healthy Travel Packing List

I have finally gotten a super-legit healthy travel list together. Considering I have been traveling across the globe since I was about 7 years old, and most often to various continents, solo as an adult, it's about time. We have arrived. This list will help you have more energy, better sleep, less pain, more TIME, [...]

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