Easy Vegan Galette Recipe

This galette is rustic, beautiful and deliciously simple -- not to mention a real show stopper! (No one will ever know its vegan!) It is my great healthy holiday go-to. Try it out! Ingredients: 2 cups of unbleached flour 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 4-5 organic green apples (or your apple of choice), sliced [...]

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Eating Tips for Healthy Holidays 

Eating, Energy & Travel Tips for the Holidays 3 ways to have a healthier relationship with food this holiday season and beyond. During this time of year, people like to keep me (an Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach) in close range and I understand why! Here are some of my top tips for the holiday season. [...]

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Is Squash Healthy?

Happy Fall, Plant-eaters! Here are some essential fall foods that I can’t get enough of. There is a gorgeous seasonal transition happening all around us. Things are (somewhat) cooling down and we start to welcome hearty, warm foods. It’s my favorite! Sometimes Fall gives us that helpful little nudge that it is time to slow [...]

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Oahu – Healthy Hawaii Travel Recommendations

Oh Hawaii, you exude magic and surreal fantasy. You embody natural abundance, and being around you captivates me; reminds me that there is also magic running through my veins. Are you ready to fully experience this land of wonder?     I have traveled to almost every continent (Antartica, I'm coming for you!) and considering [...]

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The Ultimate Healthy Travel Packing List

I have finally gotten a super-legit healthy travel list together. Considering I have been traveling across the globe since I was about 7 years old, and most often to various continents, solo as an adult, it's about time. We have arrived. This list will help you have more energy, better sleep, less pain, more TIME, [...]

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Easy Homemade Plant-based Milk Recipes

Hi Plant Lovers, I have some super easy, yummy recipes for you today! Of course, you have Chef Lauren and team to do the heavy lifting when it comes to cooking plant-based meals, so I’m excited to share my favorite plant-milk recipes you can make at home. Why, you ask? First of all, most nut [...]

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Does Change Trigger You?

Let’s talk about food triggers. Listen, I’ve been doing this work and eating plant-based for most of my life. One thing I know for sure is this — people get triggered. Food is personal. Food is a life-source. People feel very strongly about their food. I get it. It makes sense. As a Health Coach [...]

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Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza Magic

This is the gluten-free & dairy-free plant-based pizza recipe that’ll have your friends and family begging for more! No, seriously that is what happened to me. Some of my friends who thought my clean, plant-based eating approach was "crazy" for YEARS, mind you, are now requesting my quinoa pizza on a regular basis. Men and [...]

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Do You Count Calories?

Do you count calories? Do you plan on counting calories for the rest of your life? As you may know, I have the enormous privilege of working with Planted Tables Meals as their Plant-based Wellness Expert. I am beyond grateful and fulfilled by the conversations I have with PT members and potential members, who come [...]

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Are You Alkalizing?

Hello, fellow plant-eaters! I love this month's topic. It has been said that alkalinity could be the key to living a long and disease-free life and that disease and disorder cannot take root in a body that has a balanced pH. That’s no small feat! This could be something that has a life-or-death impact on us. How [...]

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