Now is your chance.

Have you felt the pain involved in the cycle of wanting to heal food and body issues, taking on too much, dropping the ball, feeling like a failure, giving up hope, and eventually starting again? I used to live that cycle.

Here’s a new starting point for you.

1. Get CURIOUS, and drop the judgment.
This is a shift that could begin to change everything for you. It takes practice and repetition (not perfection). Objectively, ask yourself, what is perhaps not working for you or your health at this time. Have you been eating differently? Be curious. Are you happy with the state of your health right now? Why or why not?

2. Take Stock (again, without judgment).
Take a look at your current habits (see them the way you would see those of a loved friend). These may coincide with your results from step 1. Are there habits you’ve developed during self-quarantine that are not supporting your best self? (Example: leaning heavily on caffeine and/or alcohol, snacking through mealtimes, late bedtimes). Are there new habits or activities that you are enjoying?

3. Consider: Freedom vs Structure
This is a time when the world has slowed down. You may have a lot going on at home, but you’re likely not commuting or rushing to appointments, etc. Get very present with the opportunity in front of you, and ask, would you truly benefit more from living freely or from building a new routine? Some of us need to be free right now, free of pushing and achieving and rushing, free to live the day however you choose, and some of us need some structure to hold us up in our time of need, a time of feeling ungrounded. It’s a spectrum. Where do you fall when you consider what would be the most LOVING choice for your highest good?

4. Find Balance with Structure, as needed.
Given we are self-quarantined, I’m finding an opportunity here, as many people could benefit from having a new routine they can lean on. That’s what a routine is for — to support you! Even when you do not feel as motivated as you’d like, your routine is there, ready to roll. Just put one foot in front of the other, rinse and repeat. For those looking to add a bit of structure, please see my suggestions, below.

Building Your Quarantine Routine:

a. Start with 12 ounces of filtered water in the morning as a thank-you to your system for all the cleansing work it did last night (add a squeeze of lemon for an added bonus of detoxing power).

b. Break your fast with plant protein at the same time every day. I have a smoothie with Garden of Life protein, a banana, chia seeds, and organic greens or frozen fruit.

c. Have lunch and dinner at the same times each day as well, and set a reminder if needed. All my clients need reminders at first! Make sure your meals are balanced as well, so you are less likely to be hungry throughout the day. (Bonus: eat very slowly, mindfully). Sidenote: You may need to set a bedtime timer as well.

d. Move your body every day — or most days. Your body is designed to move and your entire lymphatic (filtration) system depends on it. Movement or exercise gives you endorphins for a reason. I have found @yaavano does amazing live zoom workouts. Find what types of movement works for you, and at what time of day. I like noon!

e. Play, Create, have FUN. If you do nothing else in life, do this. Creativity is humanity’s highest level of expression. Paint something! Dance out your feelings. Play games, watch comedy, throw the ball for the dog, write a story, write your story, these are very healthy things to do. Mental and emotional health matters. Notice how you lose track of time when you’re playing, in the best way. We don’t have to take everything seriously all the time, especially not ourselves.

Your Questions, Answered: 

  • Eating out of boredom? Honestly, at face value, it’s not a bad strategy. It’s a quick fix, and food lights up our brains. It’s a distraction, BUT numbing with food (like any substance) is self-neglect. We don’t want to feed into that cycle, either, to be sure. The set meal times with nourishing meals will help prevent constant hunger and snacking. Curious if you’re actually hungry? Put a number on it! Use the hunger scale, 1-10. You want to eat around a 3-5 and not let it get much higher than that. 


  • THE ONLY DIET I WILL ALLOW OR RECOMMEND… IS THE DIET OF REMOVING CRITICISM FROM YOUR WORDS AND THOUGHTS (toward you and others). Take it out! Replace it with acceptance or encouragement.


  • For those who asked about baking. I say go for it — AND be mindful. Baking is comforting and affordable and something that has been passed down by generations.  My caveat — step UP your ingredients. Take out the gluten and experiment with all the different gluten-free flours, use organic fruit, substitute a flax-seed-egg instead of actual eggs/remove all the animal products. Give it a try! I bet you’ll like what you make and learn something. Here and here are some examples I love. Remember, eat mindfully. Don’t get lost while eating the baked goods. Stay present. 


  • Announcement: I am offering free 30-minute calls as a service during the ongoing pandemic. Please help yourself to a call time on my calendar. I look forward to speaking with you!


With love and gratitude,