You have given a lot to others, you have worked on yourself and your career. You’re sharp, intelligent, and capable, and you are tired of the constant frustration around food, body, and energy.

You want to feel your best!

With all the research you have done, you might wonder why your body or health has not clicked into place the way you wish it would.

You may feel tired of second-guessing what you’re eating every day.

You wonder if there is an emotional or hormonal component impacting this journey for you.

You want to feel your best, feel confident about your choices and your body, and be able to fully enjoy your life!

Here’s a question for you. What if food is only half the story, and you can fully experience what I call Food Freedom?


Read on…


The Food Relationship Online Course

In this course, I cover the entire equation required for lasting change.

+ Self Study

+ On your own timeline

+ Accessed on a phone, laptop or tablet in the comfort of your own home or office.

Doors open in a matter of weeks!

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In this course, you’ll find the answers to:

1. Identifying the right foods for you and your body

2. How to heal your digestion & boost your metabolism

3. The psychological ways to release unhealthy habits around food and body

4. Foundational steps for self-love and self-acceptance (releasing emotional eating)

5. Stress-management techniques (releasing stress eating)

6. Unlocking natural energy and vitality!

7. Eating psychology deep dive: Food Habits as a Doorway to Deeper Healing

8. Working with the body and mind instead of against them

9. Healing body image & growing body positivity

10. Utilizing boundaries that keep you happy and healthy

Upon completion of this course, you will:

1. Release the back-and-forth struggles that have kept you stuck.

2. Take your power and vitality back.

3. Step into new levels of confidence and energy.

4. Have a go-to toolkit to keep your wellness lifestyle serving you and going strong!

5. Feel relaxed, balanced and flexible with and around food.

–> Answer the call and start feeling the way you’re MEANT to feel and live your best life.

No more diets, no more beating yourself up, no more questioning what you eat –> total clarity!

“Losing the weight was not the most important thing, and still the weight just fell off. I am stepping out of my fears and into my goals. I feel awake, empowered, happy, hopeful, and fully in charge of myself and my life. I am awake to my joy, all of my senses, and my ability to put myself first.”

Michele Shipley, Feed Your Power Program Graduate 2019