These are my favorite kitchen, home, self-care items and books that have helped me create and maintain top fitness and my sustained, healthy lifestyle. They simply make my healthy life easier! I think you’ll like them too…

Kitchen Essentials

Part of having a healthy, plant-forward diet is enjoying every single bite! THESE always help me do that. Coupon code: Wellnessa for 20% off.

This is the best chef’s knife I have ever owned. It slips right through veggies like butter. Make life and cooking easier on yourself (and be very, VERY careful)!

If there was one product that helped me shift into truly living in a new healthy way because I loved what I made every time in is this Vitamix blender It’s the best investment I’ve ever made and the highest quality tool I’ve ever owned. Lasts forever and costs less than the newer models.

This is technically a marble wine bottle cooler but I put my spatulas in it and so I can see it every day! It’s fun and pretty because your kitchen should feel like I wonderful place to be.

My green pans make everything taste wonderful and help me rest easy knowing they’re completely non toxic!

You already have a glass kettle, right? Good, no more plastic chemicals melting in your water.

These succulent dishtowels are super cute.

Natural Make-up & Skincare

This moisturizer, Aloe Glow, is completely clean and even has golden flakes in it! It makes me look brighter every morning. Coupon code: Wellnessa10. I also love this naturally tinted chapstick and Magic Eye Wand. Reasonable pricing and the coupon applies to your entire order!

If you have caucasian skin that can appear reddish in places, this is my SECRET WEAPON. I tried it on a wim, and wow, I am so grateful. From one of my favorite brands, Mineral Fusion color correcting primer is a life saver.

My favorite golden bronzer, clean and affordable, and my every-day foundation powder, hypo-allergenic, light and airy with great matte coverage. I use these brushes with them.

There are many more gems to discover, here!

Healthy Lifestyle Items

I love a pretty planner with a solid check-list. Keep your goals front and center!

I take this with me everywhere I go. They call it a “multitasker” backpack for a reason! Four cute colors, great size and super light.

How you wake up and feel in that moment is important, I love this natural light alarm clock with natural sounds.

Get rid of dust and dirt, pet dander and ore with this incredible air filter. I lay mine down so its less visible and love to leave it on all night long in the bedroom during the summer.

A great-tasting raspberry B-12 spray because the soil where our food is grown is not nutrient and mineral dense like it once was. Great before a workout or with breakfast.

Silk pillow cases for life! Your face and your hair will thank you.

Drinks, Teas & Elixirs

I add an adaptogen powder to my Chai tea every single day. They are medicinal, made from plants and help the body cope with stress! Coupon code: Wellnessa. Reishi is great for relaxation and Lion’s mane for focus!

My most favorite, completely clean, warm and spicy instant chai tea powder. It comes with turmeric or without. I love them both!

The best, top level grade matcha powder for a the most reasonable price on the market. Delicious, too.

My #1 recommendation for someone going off or lessening caffeine. Sooo yummy with a great nutty taste, and completely natural.

Do you make your tea at work or on the road? This is a great travel-friendly tea option. I take it everywhere!

Health Related Books

The Gift Of Our Compulsions by Mary O’Malley teaches us to see our challenging habits in a new and powerful way.

You Can Heal Your Life by the incredible Louise Hay. Will help you heal your life.

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger will teach you every. single. thing. you need to know about plant-based eating and how it will affect your life and your health.

Woman Code by Alisa Vitti is my recent favorite around cycle syncing and partnering with your body. I’m a huge fan!

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein is a book I listening to on audio every time I went for a walk, or felt a bit of stress coming on.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero always gives me the boost I need with a laugh, too.

My Favorite Meal Delivery

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you want delicious, healthy meals delivered to your door with zero-waste, you have to check out Planted Table! A local, women-owned, small business brining healthy, fully prepared meals to hundreds of people every week. You and your family won’t believe it’s plant-based!

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