Feed Your Spirit | Program
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Who: You have created so much in your life. You’ve worked on yourself. You’re smart and intelligent and capable, and you are ready to be done with dieting, to be done with the yo-yo-ing, and the frustration around food, body and energy!

With all the work you have done on this, you might wonder why your body or health is not clicking into place the way that you know it can.

You might be feeling like your best body already happened in the past. You might wonder if there is an emotional component impacting this journey for you.

You want to reach levels of healing that allow you to give your biggest gifts to the world!


What if I told you that food is very important, and you can experience what I call Food Freedom. That said, what if that is only half the story? In this course, we cover both sides of the equation for lasting change.


What: Feed Your Power, A Mind-Body Nutrition Transformational Course

Limited to 8 women.


1. Live,  small-group zoom coaching sessions every week for 8 consecutive weeks.

2. Self-study video content to dive deep into Wellness Pillars and Eating Psychology Practices.

3. Weekly assignments and accountability systems you can access on your own time.

4. Community! Like-minded women who have had similar struggles. You do not have to face any of this on your own ever again.

5. Online Q&A support

6. (Optional) Comprehensive Digestive Testing: The only test with the ability to identify the exact foods you should be eating and foods you should be minimizing with the goal to keep your gut-health in balance.


In this course, you’ll find the answers to…


Part I:


The right foods for you and your body

Wellness Pillars Overview

How to heal your digestion & boost metabolism

Your custom healthy morning & evening routine

Reducing inflammation and pain

Natural hormone balance: cortisol, insulin and adrenal fatigue


An enjoyable movement practice

The power of blood sugar balance tips and tricks

Accessing natural energy and vitality


Part II:


Eating psychology: Food Habits as a Doorway to Deeper Healing

Sustainable behavior change

The body as my partner

Healing body image & self love

How to meet my own needs & self-care

Boundaries overview to keep you happy and healthy


Plus tons of bonuses!


Recipe ebook, Interviews, Reading lists, Journaling Prompts, Digestion for Yoga Series and more!


Doors close September 22nd!

Complete your form and schedule you call to discover if group, self study or 1:1 support is best for you.

Upon Completion of this Course, You:

Release the back-and-forth struggles that have kept you stuck, and take your power and vitality back!

Step into a body with newfound confidence and energy levels truly serve you, and how you serve others.

Have a solid, game-changing toolkit ready to go to help keep your own personal wellness lifestyle serving you and going strong!

True balance and flexible food freedom! Stronger immunity!

Create a beautifully beneficial relationship with food, body and self (the most important relationship of all).

Welcome to your powerful, fit, strong, confident and loving self.

Receice the call to step into serving the world in ways more powerful than you’ve ever dreamed about.

No more diets, no more beating yourself up, no more questioning what you eat! Total clarity!

You now hold the key that unlocks your success every single day, in a way that serves you and the world in a lifestyle that you LOVE.


Doors close September 22nd.

Complete your form and schedule you call to discover if group, self study or 1:1 support is best for you.


I can’t wait to talk with you.

Client Testimonials

Calla H.
“I have struggled since I was a teen with my eating habits and I’d tried different diets, elimination diets, weight watchers, different fitness programs, but I had never been able to stick with anything and my weight and health fluctuated greatly over the years. I had been to many doctors and in and out of the ER with severe stomach pain. Vanessa helped me work through this and figure out where I can make changes. I truly feel that this has given me my life back, because I can live an active and healthy life. My friends have noticed a huge change in me and I’m so thankful to Vanessa. She not only has given me the tools to be successful, but she has been there every step of the way and each day. I did not realize when I signed up for the program, that Vanessa was this dedicated and she is genuinely invested in me getting into a healthy, happy place!

She has also helped my dad, who was almost 400 lbs start eating healthy and learning nutrition. He embraced changing his view point from living to eat, to eating to thrive. He is down 84 lbs already. So not only has Vanessa helped me in my journey, but she has given me many more years with my own father. I will forever be grateful.

Vanessa goes above and beyond to help her clients and could not be more caring or dedicated to everyone’s success and progress. I have and will recommend her to everyone. She is a gift!”

Dawn T.
“Three different people today have told me how great I look and that I’ve lost weight. It’s great to hear since I haven’t had anybody compliment me in quite a long time. My sessions with Vanessa are working!”

Cindy B.
“I could go on and on with everything she has done, but it wouldn’t fit in the space for a review! I give her the HIGHEST recommendation possible! I could share with you all the different programs, eating plans, diets, and coaches that I have worked with over the years to understand how much I was searching to understand my struggles with food. Bottom line my investment of time and money with working with Vanessa has been by far the most fruitful. I have had major breakthroughs with some deep-rooted ideas that have affected my behaviors. Vanessa is a treasure of wisdom and I absolutely love her style and approach to eating. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to change their lives and heal their body. She has given me the gift of eating as a spiritual practice.”