People love setting new year resolutions, which are often around health and fitness. I love the enthusiasm! We know that our language is powerful, so instead of resolving that you have to “change,” maybe you have chosen to set a New Year intention or two for 2020. Fantastic, go you!

I have seen the direct results and successes from my clients being intentional, and it works. It does!

Some of you may also be committing to unconditional self-acceptance this year. No forcing, no changing, you are ENOUGH. I think that is beautiful and important, too.

If you are someone who, in your current health journey, has noticed some unwanted symptoms or noticed your lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary and you want to find a place of committed, consistent movement for muscular, mental and cardio health, then, awesome!

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can keep that going for yourself… not in a forceful way, but in a balanced way, across this entire year (and beyond).


What do you specifically want to achieve this year? What’s the outcome you’d love to see? Whatever that is, start saying it out loud, right now. Not only does that keep you more accountable (see: avoiding the, “if no one knows you’re trying, no one knows if you fail” trap), it also directly and instantly puts the creation process in motion. Start by telling yourself and telling the Universe exactly what you are creating — every single morning. Yes, do this daily. It takes 3 seconds because you will keep it very simple. For example, “I am creating vibrant health,” or “I am building new healthy lifestyle habits,” “I am stepping into the greatest version of myself,” “I am healthy and free!” or “I am getting stronger every day!” Say it in the mirror (with a deep sense of certainty, for extra credit) and watch the magic happen. You are personally creating your new reality.


This is a big factor when it comes to “quitting.” Any time someone is trying to do something new, the mind and body will cling to the old habit for a while. Thinking that if you misstep or “blow it” on your new health plan or exercise routine that it’s all over and you’re a huge failure.. is NOT TRUE. Failure is guaranteed to happen. That’s basically why you’re doing this — because failure is where growth happens. So stay committed, stay intentional, and when a ball is dropped or something doesn’t happen exactly the way the plan is designed, you miss a day, etc. you have a beautiful opportunity in front of you. It’s called, I am willing to begin again. That’s the number one way people get where they are going. They don’t give up when things get messy. Expect some mess! It’s part of this very human, very unique and at times unpredictable process of transformation.


I tell all my clients, if you hate the gym, cancel your membership now and do not go back. Movement is not about punishment. NONE of this process is about punishment. Your body’s feedback matters and what you do for movement should give you energy, not suck it dry. It may even give you joy (!), peace, flow, etc. You need to love what you’re doing, that goes for everyone, and that will be different for everyone. Dancing, walking, rowing, boxing, yoga, whatever it is; if it calls you, that’s how you want to move. You deserve to enjoy your time spent in your body, and you also want to stay away from stress hormones as much as possible. You are here to have fun, in this life, so get moving in a fun way that you truly love.

I am wishing you the best year of your life so far!