The Creating Balanced Health Full Scan

Identifying the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Bio-energetic testing reads the energetic balance or imbalances within the body, which the human eye or even a blood test cannot identify. This scan does not just look at symptoms; it looks at the root cause. This allows us to address the cause as opposed to using a “band-aid” approach. The Full Scan and corresponding regimen allows you to release the cover-ups used in the past, and naturally heal what caused the imbalance in the first place.

Full Scan Report

The full scan is the most comprehensive test I’ve seen. It has more testing abilities than any other at-home test. It provides levels of bioenergetic stress within each major bodily system, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, general categories of resonating toxins, food and environmental sensitivities along with a balancing homeopathic regimen.

–> Order your full scan below and use code “vanessarogers” for $20 off per test and to have your pathogen report sent directly to Vanessa’s online dashboard for review.

–> Use code “vanessarogers5” for a discount on the regimen products provided by Creating Balanced Health.

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How It Works

When you order your scan, Creating Balanced Health sends you a collection kit with instructions, which you then register online and complete an intake form. You cut 1 teaspoon of hair (from root or ends) and swab the inside of your cheek for a saliva sample. Pop those two samples into their baggies, into the pre-paid envelop and into the mail. As soon as your sample is received, you’ll get a confirmation email. In 15-21 days, Creating Balanced Health alerts you via email that your results are ready to view on your online dashboard. They will also forward your results to Vanessa’s dashboard for review, so make sure to add her name to your online intake form.

Once Vanessa receives your pathogen report she creates a customized regimen (including the Creating Balanced Health recommendations) with a specific food and supplement protocol as part of her ongoing support of reaching your largest and most important health goals.

For example, one client’s full scan results revealed a pathogen living in the liver that was causing cystic acne.

We can always help ourselves heal with food, and sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper!

Please read the testimonials and FAQs below.

Step 1) Order your full scan. Use code “vanessarogers” for $20 off per test, and use code “vanessarogers5” for a discount off the Creating Balanced Health regimen products.

By including Vanessa’s name on the intake form, she will receive the list of your specific resonating toxins, which you will not otherwise be able to access.

Step 2) Purchase your Results Call. Vanessa will share your customized recommendations and answer your questions during the Results Call.

Step 3) Reserve the date and time for your Results Call on the calendar. You want to book out about 30 days from your test order date. Availability is limited.

This full scan is recommended for children as well, and there is a test for pets, too.

Step 1: Order Your Test With Code
Step 2: Purchase Your Personalized Results Call
Step 3: Reserve Your Call Time