The Bio-Photon Full Scan2021-08-27T15:46:47-08:00

The Bio-Energetic Full Scan

Identifying the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Bio-energetic testing reads the energetic balance or imbalances within the body, which the human eye or even a blood test cannot identify. This scan does not just look at symptoms; it looks at the root cause. This allows us to address the cause as opposed to using a “band-aid” approach. The Full Scan and corresponding regimen allows you to release the cover-ups used in the past, and naturally heal what caused the imbalance in the first place.

Full Scan Report

The full scan is the most comprehensive test I’ve seen. It has more testing abilities than any other at-home test. It provides levels of bioenergetic stress within each major bodily system, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, general categories of resonating toxins, food and environmental sensitivities along with a balancing homeopathic regimen.

–> Order your full scan below and use code “vanessarogers” for $20 off per test and to have your pathogen report sent directly to Vanessa’s online dashboard for review.

–> Use code “vanessarogers5” for a discount on the regimen products provided by Creating Balanced Health.

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How It Works

When you order your scan, Creating Balanced Health sends you a collection kit with instructions, which you then register online and complete an intake form. You cut 1 teaspoon of hair (from root or ends) and swab the inside of your cheek for a saliva sample. Pop those two samples into their baggies, into the pre-paid envelop and into the mail. As soon as your sample is received, you’ll get a confirmation email. In 15-21 days, Creating Balanced Health alerts you via email that your results are ready to view on your online dashboard. They will also forward your results to Vanessa’s dashboard for review, so make sure to add her name to your online intake form.

Once Vanessa receives your pathogen report she creates a customized regimen (including the Creating Balanced Health recommendations) with a specific food and supplement protocol as part of her ongoing support of reaching your largest and most important health goals.

For example, one client’s full scan results revealed a pathogen living in the liver that was causing cystic acne.

We can always help ourselves heal with food, and sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper!

Please read the testimonials and FAQs below.

Step 1) Order your full scan(s). Use code “vanessarogers” for $20 off per test, and later you can use code “vanessarogers5” for a discount off the Creating Balanced Health homeopathic remedies.

Just by using the discount code at purchase, Vanessa will receive the list of your specific resonating toxins, which is not sent to the client.

Step 2) Purchase & schedule your Results Call. You want to book out about 30 days from your test order date because the results take 21 days. Vanessa will share your customized recommendations and answer your questions during the Results Call.

This full scan is recommended for children as well, and there is a test for pets, too.

Step 1: Order Your Test With Code
Step 2: Purchase & Schedule Your Results Call

Testimonials & Results:

“Having this sensitivity screening available, gave us a peek as to why our youngest son was suffering. It has become a crucial guide for me as a nursing mother, knowing what I need to avoid eating. Now that our baby is eating solids, we also know which foods not to directly expose him to.”


“Started a month ago with Balanced Health, am feeling more energy than I have for a long time, spring is here so will be getting out to walk more…am a fair weather person & love to work outside in my flowerbeds too! Glad things are changing, thanks for your help!”


“Thanks to Balanced Health I have my life back. I have my energy back, I’m happier, I’m regular, and feel wonderful. My first experience with Balanced Health was with a tumor on my pituitary gland that was causing many other issues in my body. With the help of Balanced Health I was able to resolve the other issues as well as the tumor and feel so much better. Now I see them as needed to help my body through fatigue, food sensitivities, or any other issues that make me feel poorly. I am so glad I am able to go to Balanced Health so I can take care of myself naturally. THANK YOU!”


“More wonderful things are happening! I started taking the new remedies yesterday and today I woke up feeling very different! Not only did I sleep better but I had, what I can only describe as “less tightness” in my chest… something I guess I must have gotten used to…. but I feel noticeable better now! I also had a basal temp temp of 98.2 this morning which is a HUGE leap up from the 96.7-96.9 range that I’ve been at forever! Feeling very optimistic. Thank you again for helping me!”


“Feeling fantastic. I’m very excited about this change. I have more energy and my body is feeling the best it has in years. Funny how you think you will miss certain foods, but when your body responds so positively to not having them, I can go without them forever!”


“These guys are awesome! After the death of my father my body went haywire. Extreme fatigue, my hair started falling out, I was moody and gained 15lbs without changing how I ate. During the course of 3 years, 1 herbalist, 1 western medicine doctor, a naturopath, 2 functional medicine doctors and too much money wasted, Balanced Health is the ONLY thing that had finally helped me feel like me again! I love that their testing is so thorough and precise, and the regimen is pinpointed to your body’s specific needs. They are truly interested in making you feel better! I have already recommended Balanced Health to numerous people and had my children scanned as well. I am so thankful I found them and am getting back to me!”


“I have never felt better. So much knowledge in this team. Love Love Love working with them!”


“My experience with Sprout Nourishment and Balanced Health has been nothing short of amazing! I was so pleased with their knowledge and willingness to help with all of my crazy questions! The practitioners helped me with so much and were there for me along the way! I came to Jaci with some pretty awful stomach issues. I was in pain in my entire abdomen after eating, coupled with bloating that made me look 6 months pregnant, every time! I could not locate the problem – even after going to the doctor and having ultrasounds. There was never a solution. They provided me with the Scan and the answers I had been looking for! We discovered that my body is sensitive to grains, corn starch, and vinegar. Who knew?!? I talked with the practitioner and we came up with a game plan and herbal remedy for me to balance my body. Just like that…my stomach pain started to slowly ease and all of a sudden I realized that I hadn’t had any pain in weeks! I was absolutely thrilled and seriously cannot express my gratitude and thanks towards Sprout Nourishment and Balanced Health. I now am confident in creating a meal plan and cooking for ME and MY BODY!! I would recommend Balanced Health and Sprout Nourishment to anyone struggling in any form with their nutrition! I actually do, and I have had several close friends change their lives with me!! As a Personal Trainer – I recommend this to all my clients as well!”


“As a 50-year-old male, I sought out Balanced Health for help with chronic back pain and a weight problem. I was taking nine Ibuprofen a day and up and down on the scale my whole life. The scans, remedies, and knowledge provided by Balanced Health has totally changed my life. This is not a miracle in a bottle, it requires you to make adjustments in your lifestyle. Once I started feeling better and seeing changes, it only makes me want to continue to improve my health. I no longer use Ibuprofen, exercise regularly, and am down 40 pounds and holding strong. Overall the biggest changes I’ve seen: confidence with a good attitude, empowerment, energy, balanced living.”


“Since starting the scanning process, Rachel has noticed more energy, the ability to maintain her weight, and stubborn skin issues that have almost completely disappeared. With incredible enthusiasm she admits that she feels more grounded and less stress than ever before.”

Excerpt from Stress and Hormones- Rachel’s Story

“I must give a HUGE praise for the work you are doing. After the second dose on my second day of taking Balanced Health supplements, my energy level was improved. Every day since has been a continued gradual improvement. I no longer spend my days exhausted on the sofa. I make it all the way through the day without a nap. And I’m sleeping so soundly at night; I no longer wake up exhausted. My health is not where I want it to be yet, but I’ve already made huge strides in the right direction. Thank YOU!”


“I did this kit for myself and I loved it! I had been feeling horrible for about 2 years. With so many things going undiagnosed for so long, this really helped me see the light. I was able to find out what was going on with my body and started a natural health regimen and I am well on my way to feeling normal again. Best money I have spent!”


“This is an amazing process I never knew was out there. A friend referred me and my progress has been remarkable. You get so much information and support. I’ve been getting a scan monthly for a few months now and changing the remedies each time. I never knew I could feel this good again. I sleep better, have more energy, am more regular, and have significantly reduced pain. Thank you Balanced Health for giving me my health back!”


“Since my last scan I feel I finally have life energy back and my period came since not having it for over four months!”


“I am a believer, in the test, the supplements and the balance to the level of improving my imbalances. Even though some of my systems have been slow and stubborn, I have seen great strides in feeling better. BALANCED HEALTH has backed up my symptoms and given me confidence in healing me and hope the nodules will disappear, as well as, the swollen neck/clavicle. After we do get this body balanced I will be staying on track at testing myself every 6 months or one year. I will need to check with the professionals at BALANCED HEALTH for those suggestions. YOU ARE THE BEST!”


“Without the test results from Balanced Health, we never would have known that lead was an issue in our garden. We would have continued to feed our infant son the pureed veggies that we planted and harvested with such good intention. Balanced Health helped us to unveil a hidden danger in our own backyard, which allowed us to stop a problem before it became an issue for our son’s health.”



On the sensitivity section under dairy if cow milk and cow yogurt comes up, is cheese OK? Can you explain?2020-03-11T17:45:07-08:00

Yes, cheese and yogurt are okay if they did not come up. If milk comes up and cheese/yogurt do not, you can let them know it is because the enzymes are broken down differently when the cheese and yogurt are processed. Oftentimes they can handle it….just not in it’s basic raw form. This is similar with other items like corn and popcorn, or cane sugar and brown sugar. Processing of certain foods can change how someone reacts to it.

There seems to be a lot of people on thyroid meds- which types of remedies should they not take at the same time as their thyroid meds and how much time away from these meds?2020-03-11T17:40:09-08:00

Take all remedies at least an hour away from thyroid meds.

How is the sensitivity test different from an allergy test at the doctor where they use blood?2020-03-11T17:38:33-08:00

Extremely different tests. Blood testing is looking for antibodies in the bloodstream at that time. We are testing similar to that, but also how these foods/environmental factors will react with other areas body AND with certain toxins. (for example, maybe a certain food irritates a parasite or mold that resonated…..that will often come up as a sensitivity in our test).

Why is my _________ hormone low? I just went to the doctor and they said it was fine.2020-03-11T17:37:37-08:00

We look at hormones in terms of how they work throughout the entire body….not just how much is present in the saliva at the time we test it. This is basically how traditional testing is done. We test to see how specific hormones actually get utilized throughout the body. (For example, if insulin is coming up low, this could indicate that they have a normal amount being produced… but that their body is not utilizing it well (aka insulin resistant).

If a client is on any sort of hormone replacement OR birth control, this can give us skewed hormone readings.

Our testing parameters are MUCH more sensitive than traditional testing. Even if a certain hormone is only slightly low, we want to know because it’s just going to get higher or lower…causing bigger issues over time. Prevention!

I know my __________ hormone is low according to the doctor. Why didn’t it show up low on the scan?2020-03-11T17:36:27-08:00

Medication, especially for any sort of hormonal imbalances can interfere with our readings. This will let them know at least that the medication they are on is actually doing what it should be. (For example, they have high TSH levels and are on hypothyroid meds, but we do not detect their TSH is out of balance….this tells us their medication is doing what it’s supposed to.)

If they are not on meds: when we test we always are looking at what is the most important thing to address FIRST. So in testing hormones, we identify hormones that are MOST imbalanced first. Oftentimes some of these imbalances can be part of the reason why other hormones are out of balance. So ideally, if we can understand and identify issues with the most critical hormones for each person hopefully down the line all other hormones will balance out.

Does the percentage show where the system is functioning at? If digestive is at 35%, is it only functioning at 35%?2020-03-11T17:35:23-08:00

Yes, that is a good way of looking at it….100% (or anything in blue) is balanced and that is the goal to be working towards.

Why do some sensitivities that I have been avoiding for a long time show up while others don’t?2020-03-11T17:34:45-08:00

When this happens, this can often represent an extremely strong sensitivity to this item.

I know I have an allergy/sensitivity to _______, why didn’t it show up?2020-03-11T17:31:30-08:00

If you are diligent about avoiding something you are sensitive to, we will often have a difficult time detecting an issue. (For example: if you avoid pineapple because you don’t feel well when you eat it and it’s been a few months since you’ve consumed it, we may not be able to detect a sensitivity because there are not antibodies built up in your system for us to detect an issue). Sensitivities can, and often do, change as a body changes in stress levels, microbial activity, and avoidance of certain foods.