“Many women might prefer their bodies would take care of themselves, but living in sync will bolster your success, leverage your mental and physical abilities instead of pushing against the hormonal current every step of the way.” – Alisa Vitti, HHC AADP, Women’s functional hormone expert

Cycle-syncing: this complete guide helps you unlock the key to the female body, intuition & energy.

This blog and all its data is based on and inspired by the book, Woman Code, written by Alisa Vitti.

Who can cycle-sync:

Cycle-Syncing is the answer for any woman (or person who identifies as a woman), who hasn’t been able to decode her energy levels, who has ever wondered why she doesn’t “feel” like doing something that she was committed to the week or the day before. It’s for any woman who had a list of things she has wanted to achieve (short term or long term) but was derailed by not having enough energy or motivation to complete them — which can be very frustrating. 

(I know because that was me!) 



Learning and applying cycle-syncing is for anyone who wants to have an improved relationship with her body, improve overall health (and PMS symptoms), and really to live life to the fullest. You do not need to have a period or a uterus, because with different methods you’ll still be able to make it work.

What is Cycle-Syncing:

Cycle-syncing is a tool based on your body’s four monthly phases. It helps you coordinate each cycle with the proper corresponding foods to eat, the most appropriate level of activity, workouts, social events, workload, home activities, and which types of projects align appropriately with what your body wants and needs each week.

(It’s a superpower).

It is the act of playing to your strengths instead of forcing your body into submission, and then noticing exactly how good you feel. In other words, no more wondering, “why don’t I feel like doing this type of workout? Am I just lazy?” Heck no!

No more going against your body.

With a little practice, you’ll understand how your feelings, energy, and motivation levels naturally shift, and how to use each phase most effectively (and lovingly) for optimal experience and output. 

Where to Cycle-Sync:

This tool goes wherever you go. 


You can start now!


Understanding your body is the key to a healthy life and vibrant energy. When it comes to fatigue — enough is enough!

How to Cycle-Sync:

Start by marking the first day of your menstrual period in your calendar (use the day of the full moon if you don’t currently have a period).

When you are familiar with the other three cycles (keep reading!), then make a note of the date(s) around when each one would start and end for you also in your calendar. I have found it is helpful if each one is color-coded.



Question: When you had your first period, did the Doctor walk you through the four phases, and how your neurochemistry is influenced by each one? Did they walk you through all the symptoms, and share how periods, your skin, and even your emotions can be indicators of hormonal health?

I was in the gym bathroom at my 6th grade CYO basketball game, terrified that I would bleed through my shorts and everyone would see. I believe I spoke with my mom, fumbled around with pads for a while.. and that was the extent of my menstrual education.

Question: Did someone put you on synthetic birth control pills or medications for “regulation?”

This cycle-syncing protocol, created by Alisa Vitti, is a tried and true plan that brings tangible results for women. Using this approach, to work with your period, and balance it, regulate it, improve mood, get pregnant, restore sex drive, and/or boost energy without drugs or surgery. The real value of this protocol is not a short term fix, but a new way of living. You can balance and care for your body and hormones for years to come!

Every month I personally get better at it, and love it (and the results!) more and more.

FYI: Your hormones may be out of balance if you experience some of these cues:

Cravings, caffeine dependency, difficulty falling asleep and/or getting out of bed in the morning, more than three alcoholic drinks per week, insomnia or interrupted sleep, headaches, low libido, facial hair, weight gain, hypothyroid, IBS, bloating, acne, cystic acne, dandruff, eczema, hair loss, body odor, night sweats, mood swings, PMS, PCOS, cramps, heavy periods, painful periods, migraines and/or depression.

The endocrine system is simply powerful and elegantly complex. It’s a system of glands that secrete hormones that regulate bodily functions like metabolism, skin, and nails, thinking clearly, hunger levels, libido, pregnancy, and energy.

It’s time to learn about the ultimate partnership, translate the endocrine language of hormones, and discover lifestyle habits that help create the life of your dreams!

A living partnership with your body means operating with natural tools and experiencing your full potential. It is realizing the practice of planning your day-to-day life through the lens of considering your endocrine system — which allows you to be successful at getting more done with less stress and effort.

As I like to say, your body is your life partner. It’s time to fall all in love with your endocrine system!

To intimately know your cycle, is to intimately know yourself. – Alisa Vitti

Skin: The skin is our largest organ, and if it is having issues detoxifying, it’s likely an issue with the large intestine or liver that becomes an endocrine issue. Often that can lead to not just skin problems, but also hanging onto 5-20 extra pounds and/or symptoms of autoimmunity. Learn more about identifying overall system health and cleanses to heal it, here.

Your hormones don’t just determine reproductivity. They help dictate how you feel physically and emotionally during each of the four monthly phases. Syncing your cycle means working with your body for a symptom-free future.

As you practice syncing, you’ll be able to tune in to the subtler shifts that occur in your body each week and gain awareness on a physical and emotional level. That means no more wondering WHY you don’t feel like working out, or why sometimes your creativity and productivity is totally lit, or you feel restless, or you want different foods in different amounts, or why you really want to go out and dress up, or instead feel like staying in and taking a bath — it’s not supposed to be the same all the time!

After practicing syncing for months, now I know exactly why I feel the way I do, why my energy is high or low, and the best part is, I can anticipate it and plan accordingly. I look forward to each phase every month!

This protocol is the reason so many women have improved their health so quickly, have stayed healthy, and created a life they love — myself included.

The Four Phases:
Start by reading up on each phase.


This phase is characterized by creativity and new beginnings. This is when physical energy increases! You may even feel restless. It is the time to direct your energy toward stimulating projects at home and at work. Plan brainstorming sessions, save you most mental challenging assignments for this week because your brain is at its highest problem-solving power mode. Lean into the highest physical energy during the follicular phase, too! It’s a great time to try a new type of exercise, perhaps HIIT, dancing or boxing. Emotionally during this phase, you are outgoing, upbeat, and revitalized. RSVP YES to social events during this phase. Check out an exhibit or a new place — you’ll find it the most stimulating during this time.

This phase calls for light, fresh foods like vibrant veggies, avocado, sprouted beans and seeds, and grains for sustainable energy. New, stimulating situations feel easy and natural at this time. Getting out of your comfort zone feels seamless, as do more challenging workouts.


Connecting with others and the community is at the heart of this phase. It is the best time to have important conversations at home and at work. It’s a good time to ask for a raise! Communication skills are heightened and help convey thoughts with clarity and creates more receptivity to others as well. Mark your calendars and RSVP YES also during this phase, it is a great time for first dates as you are your most magnetic and will likely enjoy getting dressed up.

Your mood will be stable with natural energy, still eating lighter foods as well as raw veggies, fruits, and light grains like quinoa can be beneficial at this time. You may feel some pelvic pain with th